??????Remote bookkeeping eliminates the need for appointments with me to review and reconcile your books. Everything can be done via email. Any questions you may have can be answered on an excel report which I will produce and email to you after I complete the review. For those individuals that need to use their QuickBooks every day, then an accountants copy must be created.

You can request from your financial Institution an accountant’s user ID and password. (This allows me to download/print and view your accounts only. Nothing else is allowed to be done with an accountant’s ID.) With this access, I can download your checking or credit card transactions into QuickBooks or you can email me the bank statements in a PDF formal when needed.

The minimum fee for this service is my usual minimum charge of 3 hours. Of course, depending on the amount of work required, additional charges may occur.

Fees for remote bookkeeping must be paid in advance using Paypal or a major credit card. The minimum deposit required is $150. An invoice for payment will be sent to you upon your request.