• First consultation over the phone is free.
• If I come to your business to discuss and examine your books, there is a one set fee.
• If I come to your business to work on your books, there is a minimum charge of a three hour fee.
• If I work on your books from my computer, the regular hourly fee applies with no minimum. You may upload your company file up to my server or mail me a CD with the file on it.
• If I have to travel out of Manhattan, the fee per hour is slightly higher due to travel time.
• Please call me for more information about my rates.
• Failure to show up for an appointment– $200 charge
• Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice – $200 charge
Fees for remote bookkeeping must be paid in advance using Paypal or a major credit card. The minimum deposit required is $300. An invoice for payment will be sent to you upon your request.

Please be advised that the minimum charge per appointment is three hours at a set flat rate. Each additional hour after the first three will be charged at my regular rate.

Seven day advanced booking is preferred.