Comprehensive Bookkeeping Services

Since we specialize in the needs of small businesses, we use only QuickBooks to make accounting easier and less complicated.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up new companies with QuickBooks
  • Converting companies from Quicken to QuickBooks
  • Using lists
Associating List items to the Chart of accounts for customers, employees and vendors.
  • Setting up Items
Setting up all kinds of items to be used with QuickBooks forms.
  • Payment Processing (Accounts Payable)
Recording customer payments in full, partial payments, overpayments, down payments and applying customer credits.
  • Entering and Paying bills
Entering credits and applying vendor credits.
  • Sales (Accounts Receivables)

            Creating invoices and sales receipts for customers.

  • Creating Billing Statements for customers
  • Handling Refunds for customers
  • Estimating
Creating estimates for jobs.
  • Emailing all QuickBooks forms to customers and vendors.
  • Sales Tax

             Setting up Tax Agencies and tax rates.

  • Paying Sales Tax

Paying Tax Agencies and Sales reports.

  • Setting up Inventory Items
Creating inventory items and purchase order. Receiving , recording and adjusting inventory.
  • Using price level Lists

           This function can be used in invoicing to change the charges for different customers.

  • Using Bank accounts

            Using registers, writing and printing checks, and reconciling accounts.

  • Reporting

           Accessing and printing all kinds of reports in QuickBooks.

  • Using Graphs
  • Customizing Forms

              Customizing QuickBooks forms for invoices, sales, estimates, purchases and sales receipts.

  • Time Tracking

           Tracking the time an employee worked on a job.

  • Payroll

           Creating payroll items, setting up employees, creating and printing employee checks, and paying payroll tax     liabilities.

  • Using credit card accounts

             Creating credit card accounts, entering credit card charges and reconciling and paying credit cards.

  • Assets and Liabilities

           Creating fixed asset and liability accounts. Tracking depreciation and manage loan accounts.

  • Equity Accounts

             Recording an owner’s withdrawal and owner’s capital Investment.

  • Writing letters with QuickBooks.

           Utilizing QuickBooks templates for correspondence.

  • Company management
Setting up budgets.
  • Using the Accountant’s Review

Creating an accountant’s copy or a portable file. Utilizing the accountant’s copy and importing the changes to the company file.

If you have a Mac version of QuickBooks this is not a problem, it can be converted easily to Windows.

Our services can be performed at your office or off site. You must have an accountant to prepare and file your quarterly business taxes.

Please call me for a free consultation to address your bookkeeping concerns.